A tall Coffee!


My standard order at Starbucks is a tall coffee with room for cream. Nothing fancy!  There were lots of coffee shops in Australia, especially in Sydney, however very few Starbucks.  No one understood my order.  We tried a tall black with a side of milk and got a short double shot with milk.  We did eventually find one Starbucks in the center of Sydney!




The focus of the workshop was buildings or architecture!

I soon discovered it is not always possible to sketch a building in 30 seconds.  They are a little more complex than people!

post office

Some buildings you don’t finish.   This was my view from the laundromat in Hobart.


Some buildings you sketch twice.  This house  was opposite Cottonwood Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  We walked along the beach some evenings.


I was desperate to sketch a building in Hobart. Such an historic town.  So I  sat down on the pavement near a bus stop to capture this building.  I can remember the day.  There was an elderly gentleman sitting in the bus shelter watching me..most probably wondering why I was sitting on the pavement and not on a seat in the bus shelter.  It really gave me the best view.  Buses pulled up in front of me and across the  road blocking my view for short periods.

Two more houses from Tasmania.


Being Back!

Being back in Washington State is not easy after 5 weeks of sunshine in Australia.

It was a wonderful trip.  Starting out in Sydney attending a Liz Steel workshop. So much fun!  One of the most exciting things was to share a morning coffee with Liz Steel the day before the workshop.  The next most exciting thing was to look at one of her sketchbooks.  She shares so many of her sketchbooks online however actually seeing her work closeup was so inspiring.  The third exciting  thing was the workshop! Really …It was all equally exciting!  Here are some photos from the event!