A few more!

Two more Selfies.  The first is of me getting ready for one of the many walks I take.   It is cold here in the Pacific Northwest.  It is not my favorite hat but it protects my head from the cold and rain.  The second one was completed earlier this evening after my shower. The third shows me after a long and tiring day…I am not sure from what as I am now retired! This one is with a Tombow marker. The final one shows how to save a Selfie by covering up your neck!

I need to do more than Selfies, and I am, or will.  I have been working on “shapes”.  This is the focus of Lesson 3 of Liz Steel’s Sketching Now Foundations.  A twelve week online sketching course.  I am also in the planning stages of a sketchbook on the town where I live.  Lyons is a small town with some interesting buildings, lots of animal life and a river runs through it.   The big decision is which sketchbook.  I have a good and varied supply of sketchbooks.   However, I think I will make an accordion style sketchbook out of Stonehenge paper.  This was my paper of choice when I first started working in colored pencil.  My goal in the coming year is to use up my supplies!  I think I have had this paper for over 10 years.



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