What to draw?

This has never been a problem for me.  Although I feel I have lost some of the wonder and excitement of drawing what is around me.  Sometimes I need to be reminded.  There are times that I feel lost after completing three semesters of Sketchbook Skool.  Yes, I have picked up lots of new ideas and techniques.  But where am I?  I enjoy the style of Tommy Kane.  Very detailed work in pen with lots of crosshatching.  I also enjoy the looser style of Danny Gregory, Liz Steel and Melanie Reim.  I enjoy sketching people, faces, buildings and objects – still life.  I am not a landscape artist.  I really do tend to stay away from nature.  I enjoy being in and looking at all forms of nature.  I just don’t feel I can do justice to it’s natural beauty.

So where am I?  I like to keep myself balanced by jumping between the detailed style of Tommy Kane and a loose style of sketching.

Here is today’s sketch of my Dansko shoes. Carbon pen and ink, Uniball gel pen and ink wash.   I will probably spend the rest of the day with my pens….. and I did…I read in Yahoo that you should check your spices.  Smell them to see if they are alive.  So I did that and sketched it. I had the urge to draw after dinner and looked at my mailbox keys.  These I can do again.  I  can throw them down at anytime for a new layout. Both sketches are in pen and ink with a light watercolor wash.


Lastly I had the urge to draw my car again.  It is a Honda Fit.  At 11 p.m. at night the garage is cold.  We are at the start of winter in the Pacific Northwest.  Being somewhat frustrated I found a photo of the new 2015 Honda Fit and tried sketching from a photo.  I had spent some of the day looking at the penmanship of  France Belleville-Van Stone, author of the new book Sketch.  She has a very similar style to Tommy Kane.  Tommy Kane was one of the instructors in “Beginning”, the first session of Sketchbook Skool.  I hear him in my head when I sketch.  Tommy loves it when a sketch goes skew he includes it as a part of the sketch.  Does not get all bent out of shape and tear out the page.  So I sketched the 2015 Fit and then this morning went back to a sketch of my Honda Fit that I did  last month. I decided to work on the sketch a little more.  So I am posting a before and after.  Not sure  if I should have left it in the before stage.  Who knew a Honda Fit could be so interesting.



5 thoughts on “What to draw?

    1. You would love Sketchbook Skool! I have taken three sessions, Beginning, Seeing and Storytelling. Here is a link to the Skool. There is an option to take one free class on the second page of the blog.
      Please get back to me if you have any problems with this link or I can tell you more. There is a also a Sketchbook Skool Facebook Group that you could join.


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