Moving into a new year

Well it is here – 2015.  Time to close off a few sketchbooks and start some new ones.  I have a new daily sketchbook, a Canson Mixed Media. – 7 x 10 inches.   This is my old standby, inexpensive and easy to work in.  I also made a  new folding journal at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  This is made from Stonehenge paper and will be used for self portraits or ‘selfies”.  I would like to take my ‘selfies’ up a notch this year.  Not sure what that means but they will be different.

It appears I am off to a slow start.  Looking for inspiration on what to draw.  Staying with subjects I am familiar with, staying safe!  This is the front page of my daily sketchbook.   I like the drawing of my hand.  However, I wonder why I continue to struggle drawing hands in my people sketches.  Why are their hands different?


The first two pages of my daily sketchbook are very detailed pen and ink drawings. Staying safe again.









My focus in the last couple of days has been facial features.  I had signed up for an online course with Craftsy last year with Gary Faigin.  A name I am familiar with as I have had his book “Facial Expressions” sitting in my library since the late 90’s.  The online course goes hand in hand with the book.  So finally I am going to work through that book!  I feel before I start drawing caricatures of people in public I need to understand the facial features and some basic information on anatomy.  One area I would like to focus on this year.  This maybe where I  take my “selfies” up a notch!


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