Sometimes you can get sketching overload.  At the moment I am working  through two online courses at the same time.  I enrolled in SketchingNow Foundations with Liz Steel and then Sketchbook Skool was kind enough to offer members who had participated in the first three semesters a new course – Boot Kamp.  This course will set two assignments each week.  I like to stay on top of things with these courses and to give an online course a100%.  So it is a balancing act!

One thing that really helps me to get started are warm up exercises after my morning coffee.  The first being a blind contour drawing and then I follow up with point to point contour drawings.  Usually my blind contour drawings resemble scribble.  This week I recognized one – my hand


The next one is of left hand holding a pen.  I tried two version.


Lesson 8 of SketchingNow Foundations focus is balancing line and color.  Do you prefer to do a very detailed sketch providing some of the value changes with crosshatching or do you prefer less line allowing watercolor to provide the value changes.

I believe I sit somewhere in between.  I tend to put more details in my sketches.  I will try to break the lines to open up the sketch.  I really don’t like a lot of crosshatching with most of my watercolor sketches.  I do like doing cross hatching when I am working in pen and ink. Tommy Kane, Paul Heaston and Steven Reddy are some of my favorite artists. They all do very detailed pen and ink sketches.  It really is what works for you and not the person next to you.

First part of this lesson is an article of clothing.  It is winter here in Oregon so I choose my winter jacket or should I say jackets! I started out with the rose colored Eddie Bauer jacket and then decided the blue L.L. Bean jacket was more interesting.  Eight blue jacket sketches later I returned to the rose colored jacket.  The blue jacket was challenging. However, I will post the best of the bunch.

LLBean pinkwithnodetailsPinkcoatnodetails

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