Sketching People in Motion!

I few months back I added “The Urban Sketcher” by Marc Taro Holmes to my library. The book contains a self-directed urban sketching workshop.  I had to put it aside due to other workshop commitments.  However, early this week Marc Holmes launched an online workshop “Sketching People in Motion” with Craftsy.  There is a section in his book on Sketching People in Motion so the workshop is a great companion to the book.  Once you sign up with Craftsy it is yours for life.  You can go back and review the videos at any time. You can play them on an Ipad and even play them in slow motion so you can watch Marc sketch.  If you are interested in sketching people I highly recommend the book and workshop.



2 thoughts on “Sketching People in Motion!

  1. Carmel, I’ve loved that book since I bought it. Very helpful for the complex puzzle of sketching buildings and urban scenes. He is a very good teacher, I think. I haven’t taken his Craftsy class yet, but maybe I will go back and do that.


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