Capturing People!

This week I pushed aside all other sketching to focus on capturing people in motion. I am currently working through the Marc Taro Holmes workshop with Craftsy – Drawing People in Motion.  I am a firm believer in practice.   I wish every sketch worked but that is not the case.  However, instead of discounting the whole sketch I try to find what areas do work within a sketch.

I visited three different coffee shops last week.   Here are some of the sketches  The first stop Starbucks in Lancaster Mall in Salem, Oregon.



The second stop Starbucks inside Safeway in Stayton, Oregon.


If I don’t have time to paint on location or would rather complete them at home I make a note of the colors in pencil. Except this time I ignored my notes to move away from the dull colors of winter!



The black contact points and hair is from a Pentel Brush Pen.  This  brush pen is fun to use however you can go from a thin line to a thick line very quickly.  Slowly but surely I am getting the feel of the brush.


The last stop was the IKE Box in Salem, Oregon.


One thought on “Capturing People!

  1. I am enjoying all of your sketched people in the coffee cafes. The lines are fine and confident; the colors are fun, the dark brush pen is beautifully applied and works so well. You have a steady hand and a very good eye!


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