A mixture of sketches!

This week a mixture of sketches. I picked up a Koh-I-Noor magic colored pencil last Fall in Germany. Fun to play around with late at night . Some final touches in pen and ink.   Always a worried look when you see yourself in the mirror!


During the cooler months we close the boat up early to capture the warmth from small heater.  I often find myself sketching what is on the small table in front of me.  This time it was two coffee cups and an empty Foster’s beer can!

beerLast weekend we attended a workshop on sailing across the bar of the Columbia River.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to sketch people.  However, I soon discovered I could not pay attention to the speaker and sketch.  So some minimal sketching took place.


Today I finally made it out of the house.  First stop was the Stayton Library.  It was not a good day for sketching people as they were few and far between at the library.


After visiting the library I headed down to Starbucks in Lancaster Mall.  Unfortunately I attracted the attention of a gentleman who would not leave.  So it was a short stay.

lancasterI sketch each day.  When I get lost for something or someone to sketch there is always me.  These are from photos and completed in less than 5 minutes and not taken to completion.  Fun to explore facial features and expressions.



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