All I need is these…

Some mornings before I am fully awake I will find my pen in hand.  This started out as a contour drawing of an ink bottle. That went well so I added two more.  The first bottle was Platinum Carbon ink, the second  Perle Noire by J. Herbin and the last De Atramentis Black Document Ink.

I decided to add two of my favorite pens the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen and the Lamy pen.   I believe you could do just about everything with a Platinum Carbon Desk Pen and Carbon Ink.  The ink is permanent and dries almost instantly making it ideal for sketching on location.  Because the ink dries so quickly there are warnings not to leave the ink in your pen as it will damage it.  I have never put this to the test.  Instead I purchased a Platinum Carbon Desk Pen.   A Japanese pen with a super fine nib.  The ink flows out of the pen immediately.  There is no drying out and no damage to the pen from the ink.  The pen retails for $12.00.  You can add a convertor for $8.00.  I have two of these pens.  The first one is about a year old. I have worn the nib down to a fine point. The newer pen is extra fine.  I have not had any problems with the pen.  It is a joy to work to use and is my go to pen.

The second pen is a Lamy pen.  I have a Safari and Al-Star. Also excellent pens for a moderate price.  The ink flows out of these pens immediately.  Lamy make a wide selection of nibs all interchangeable with their pens.

The water soluble ink used in this sketch is from a Lamy black ink cartridge. So really all I need is these.  The De Atramentis Document ink is good but does not dry as quickly as the Carbon ink.  I have not used the Perle Noire ink because the Lamy ink cartridge works beautifully when I want to use a water soluble ink.

You will find these pens and ink at either Goulet Pens or Jet Pens.



4 thoughts on “All I need is these…

    1. Jet Pens or Goulet Pens. Both are online suppliers. Jet Pens will offer free shipping if you purchase $25.00 or more. They have lots of fun pens! There is a link to both suppliers at the end of the post.


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