The Faces of Costco!

Heading off to Costco can be fun especially if you have a sketchbook in hand. That is just what I did  this week and found a spot in the food court. For those of you who have not experienced Costco it is a large warehouse that sells everything from toilet paper to jeans and vacuums!

What a great sketching experience. It was probably the first time I have put my sketchbook on show. I was not trying to hide it on my knee! Most of the people were seniors doing their weekly visit for supplies. You would be surprised how many people stop by the food court for a snack before they head home.

No one paid any attention to me. Someone asked if they could share my table. Another person divided a strawberry sundae up in front of me. It nearly landed on my sketchbook. She apologized and said she would be gone soon.

I forget sometimes that I am also a senior with a head full of gray hair. Maybe I was just another shopper enjoying my morning at Costco. Anyone could see I was drawing people. No one said a word. Would people have cared if I was younger?

Needless to say I will be visiting Costco again. After Costco I ventured into the supermarket and sketched some more. This was a challenge I was not prepared for. Everyone was moving. Great for quick gesture drawings. The supermarket is also on my list to visit again.


Well maybe these are the backs of people in Costco! The two ladies were at customer service while the gentlemen were in the food line and eating.


Most of the men get separated from their wives and wait!



11 thoughts on “The Faces of Costco!

  1. These are some great people sketches! I’m sad that in the UK we don’t have these great places like Costco and Walmart for sketching people (particularly characters) everyone is always so rushed at our supermarkets.


  2. Thanks for sharing your opportunities for people sketching! I love your people and the way that you apply watercolour so effectively to catch light vs shade! I think I need to take a leaf out of your book and start on that Craftsy sketching course. Sounds great and I do need to progress my people drawing for my urban work.


    1. Liz, thank you. You will like his workshop. I could not paint people until I watched his workshop. He is an Urban Sketcher and has a great blog – CitizenSketcher. I think he will be following up with a workshop on buildings with Craftsy sometime in the future.


  3. Wow, those Flicker art pieces are all fantastic. Those colored pencil animals and pears are stunning, prize winners for sure! Have you put our art in shows? Won prizes? Sold those? You could, all of the above! So impressive Carmel. And your selfies are terrific too. Who is that Flash person? Crazy looking woman! Yikes!

    Thanks for Sharing. I am so impressed.

    Hugs Lynn


  4. It is fun seeing all the sketches together on Flickr. There are some wonderful sketchers on that website. The black dog was our beloved Logan who was a part of our family for 13 years. She won a first prize in local colored pencil art show and the cat also won a ribbon one year. The neighbor’s cat! Thank you for your supportive comments. Hugs.


  5. I enjoyed your narrative of sketching in Costco – I may have to give that a try! I’ll get to try some airports soon when we go visit my Mom in SC. Loved your sketches, as usual!


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