Another trip to Safeway!

Last Friday I had to get out to sketch.  The closest people gathering location is Starbucks in Safeway.  Friday is always busy with $5 Friday.   Normally people visit Starbucks after they get through the checkout. This visit was not the most enjoyable,  although I am pleased with sketches.   I had one gentleman pull up a chair and sit 2 feet from me to check out his cell phone and eat his lunch.  I should have moved.  I found it so hard to sketch with someone so close. Not once did he look up to see what I was doing.  Next I spilled coffee on myself.  I could see a stain taking hold so I had to wet down my top to stop the stain.  I came back and finally captured one customer with her laptop. All was going well until two people sat down with their shopping carts blocking my view.  So what did I learn?  To move and perhaps be more flexible and go with the flow. Everyone is so wrapped up in their lives and their cell phones that no one takes notice of you with your sketchbook!

starb6 Starb1

This is the customer with the laptop and this is one of the customers who blocked my view.


The one exciting thing about these people is they all have hands that are doing something.  Hands have always been my weak point.  So I took the opportunity to sign up for a class on the Craftsy platform on drawing hands – The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Hands by Richard Pace.  It is a good class I would highly recommend it to someone wanting helping with hands.  He does the mystery out of the anatomy of the hand.  I am going through lots of newsprint practicing drawing hands!



6 thoughts on “Another trip to Safeway!

  1. Great job on the hands, Carmel. You are mastering this well. I also like your use of paint and how it flows, not ‘just coloring’ like I do, but you make it look like a “real painting” if you get my meaning. Fun captures. And I’d add to your list, just relax! Have fun! Someone gets in your “view” draw them.


  2. Thank you Lynn. I had no idea how to color my people until I did the Marc Holmes workshop. See the section on coloring. He just lets things happen. Yes I need to cap my feelings. I should know by now that people will move quickly and people will get in your line of vision.


  3. It does take courage. However, almost every person you talk to will tell you that no one notices you. I don’t hide my sketchbook or pencil case and people just don’t say anything. Except to apologize if they bump the table.


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