Styles Change!

Self portraits are not new to me.  I have been doing them for a number of years and in all different styles.

At the moment I can sketch my portrait in pen & ink within 10 minutes.  That was not always the case.  In 2010  I invested endless hours of practice into portraiture.  Some portraits took the good part of a day to complete. cmcfinal

Recently I decided to spend a little more time on a portrait.  It reminded me of the challenges and struggles I had when working in a more realistic style. I spent approximately three hours on this portrait before becoming restless and putting my pencil down.


These pen, ink and watercolor wash portraits took less than 10 minutes. The one thing they all have in common is that serious look.  It comes from looking straight into a mirror while drawing yourself!  I  like where I am at the moment.  Not every portraits works. But then it is so easy to just turn the page and do another one! I have four sketchbooks devoted to self portraits the majority of which were drawn late at night because there is nothing like ending the day with a sketch!



6 thoughts on “Styles Change!

  1. Wow! The first one just took my breath away! The second one made me smile at that impish look! The last three make you such a familiar being to me. When soon we meet I will know you from afar. So glad we have met, and I look forward to growing our friendship! And you are such an accomplished artist!


    1. Mel, thank you. As much I would love to go outside to sketch the weather in Oregon is wet. I enjoy working from life and so often I find myself the only life around to sketch. You learn so much about facial features from doing self portraits.


      1. I have a lot of sympathy for you Carmel! We suffer from the incessant damp here in the UK. I tried painting outside the other day but they just refused to dry so I have some pages permanently stuck together in my sketchbook. We also live quite rurally and I envy all the urban sketching folks who just step outside their door for an infinite number of things to draw! I think you have to think more creatively when you have these limitations.


  2. Mel, so true. I live in a nice rural area with beaver ponds and beavers. Yet nature does not interest me, buildings do. Have you tried sketching from inside a car? Some Canadian artists do it. They have cold weather. I have tried once or twice but it is hard if it is raining. You are correct we need to think creatively and look at our local buildings. I have been working on drawing some houses from where I live. I hope to post them later in the week. I saw your sketch of a thatched roof? It was really good.


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