Buildings..or houses!

I am a great fan of anything that Liz Steel sketches from teacups to buildings. Late last year completed her first online 12 week workshop – SketchingNow Foundations. I am now reviewing the workshop. The videos are available for approximately one year. The course will be running again later this year.

I live in a small rural town. So not a lot of elaborate buildings. Still we do have buildings and I walk past them each day on my daily work. It makes sense to draw buildings that are a part of the town I live in.

I am exploring doing detailed sketches and loose sketches. I come from the world of detail but like the look of loose. I think I maybe somewhere in between loose and detailed.

Detailed-house Loose-house

The first is a more detailed, the second is a looser style.

Detailed-1 loose

This time I remembered to scan the drawings before painting them.  I like the first more detailed sketch.  I still need to paint them.  I wonder if I will still like the more detailed drawing when it is painted because I enjoy a loose application of watercolor.


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