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Stretched Again!

Week two of Sketchbook Skool’s Sketching is proving to be another creative week.  As you are probably aware I love drawing faces!  The instructor this week is Lapin. You can learn more about this artist here

This week our heads are being stretched out of shape.  Too much fun.  I can see doing a whole sketchbook full of portraits in this style.  It also take the pressure of you to draw the perfect portrait!


We were supposed to draw a member of your family or friend from life.  As I am home alone I  sat in front of the mirror to draw both of these.



Sketchbook Skool is now in session!  The 4th session being Stretching.  It really started off with a bang!  A new Sketchbook Skool platform has been introduced.  Members are encouraged to post in the new Skoolhouse verses the Facebook Group. It has been a hard learning curve for some. Still things are settling down and both platforms are being used.

The first new fakulty member JonathanTwingley.  This artist opened doors and eyes with his style.  Not only did members embrace his work, he is a genuinely invested in his session offering personal support through comments on both social media platforms.  One of the best instructors Sketchbook Skool has had along with Danny Gregory, Tommy Kane, Roz Stendahl, Melanie Reim and Liz Steel.  All have been excellent instructors however the artists just mentioned really spoke to me and what I want to do within my sketchbooks/journals.

You can find out more about Jonathan Twingley here

Here is some of my homework from his session.

Breakingout Twingley

Down at the pond!

Almost every day my husband and I go one a four mile walk which takes us through the Beaver Ponds in our home town of Lyons, Oregon.  The ponds are not far from the Santiam River and John Neal State Park.  They are full of beaver, geese, ducks, cranes, bull frogs, the occasional cougar and turtles.

This spring when the sun came out so did the turtles!  I captured this fellow with my camera.  I knew he would not stay for long to be sketched.  I was really pleased with the pen sketch.  Not so pleased when I added watercolor.  Came back and looked at the watercolor version again and thought it was not too bad.  So here it is. Click on either sketch for a closer view.

Turtlepenen turtlepaint

The Odd Sketch ….

April has proven to be a busy month.  I have taken a step back from visiting Starbucks every other day.  Spring has arrived and that means sailing!  ‘Stretching’ started in Sketchbook Skool and April is International Fake Journal Month.

I may not be visiting Starbucks, however I can remember Starbucks no matter where I am!

starbucksSpring means the start of the sailing season in Oregon.   I take a good selection of sketching supplies on our boat.  Last weekend I worked on a series of faces using myself to try out different styles.  It is fun to see what you can do with your face.


This brings me to International Fake Journal Month.   You can find out more about this here  –  IFJM

This year I am a participant.  It really has been a challenge for me.  I am pleased to say it is now April 20 and I am still participating.   I created a special blog for my Fake Journal.   At the end of the month I will link the blog to this blog. At the moment my main focus is to make it through to April 30.

Sketchbook Skool has started a new course, Stretching and a new Skoolhouse.   You can find out more here – Sketchbook Skool