The brush pen!

The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen has been a neglected tool. Only recently have I discovered what can do with this brush pen. There is a definite learning curve.  The results may not be what you expect at first.  However, stay with it and you will soon discover another fun sketching tool. The Pentel Brush Pen is refillable; additional ink cartridges can be purchased.  The ink is black and permanent so can be used with a watercolor wash.  The dark spots in this sketch are from the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.    For a closer look a this brush pen visit Jetpens


I recently discovered the Pentel Aquash Watercolor Brush with Light Black Pigment Ink. The ink appears dark at first but lightens as it dries.  When it dries it is identical  to Noodlers Lexington Gray Ink.  A great companion to my Lamy fountain pen loaded with Lexington Gray Ink.  I also have waterbrush I have filled with a mix of Lexington Gray  ink and water for a lighter wash.    Lots of potential with the Aquash Watercolor Brush.  The ink in this brush is permanent and can also found at Jenpens

Here are two examples of the Pentel Aquash Watercolor Brush. Yes it is me again!  I am always available for a portrait.

AquashbrushThe green background is gouache.



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