The Odd Sketch ….

April has proven to be a busy month.  I have taken a step back from visiting Starbucks every other day.  Spring has arrived and that means sailing!  ‘Stretching’ started in Sketchbook Skool and April is International Fake Journal Month.

I may not be visiting Starbucks, however I can remember Starbucks no matter where I am!

starbucksSpring means the start of the sailing season in Oregon.   I take a good selection of sketching supplies on our boat.  Last weekend I worked on a series of faces using myself to try out different styles.  It is fun to see what you can do with your face.


This brings me to International Fake Journal Month.   You can find out more about this here  –  IFJM

This year I am a participant.  It really has been a challenge for me.  I am pleased to say it is now April 20 and I am still participating.   I created a special blog for my Fake Journal.   At the end of the month I will link the blog to this blog. At the moment my main focus is to make it through to April 30.

Sketchbook Skool has started a new course, Stretching and a new Skoolhouse.   You can find out more here – Sketchbook Skool


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