Summer has arrived!

Finally summer has arrived in Oregon.  My first love is art and my second love is sailing with my husband.  We spent most of last week working on one of our boats at the marina.  My husband does most of the work.  I sketch!

I had quickly packed my sketching kit.  It is a little different to the one that I take into coffee shops.   I quickly discovered I have a need to brush up on the watercolor skills when out in the field.  My brush was too small and the paint dried quickly in the heat.  I was please with my initial sketch of a house, but messed up with the watercolor.  So I will not post this time.  I will be going back next week to do a second sketch of the house and would like to compare both in a future posting.

I did find a new Starbucks.  One that I could sit down and spread my supplies out on the table. No lap sketching and people actually stayed around for a while so I could sketch them!  Two versions of the second person

Jantzen2Jantzen Jantzen3

Please click on any of the sketches for a close up look.

The first two were in my Fabriano Venezia sketchbook.  The last sketch was a warm up sketch in 4 x 6 Pentalic sketchbook. I actually like the warm up better!

Jantzen5 Jantzen4

I spent one morning at the Starbucks in Target near the marina.  No one stays around too long.  Sometimes it gets frustrating.

I am back home again and evaluating my sketching supplies. I have some different brushes packed for my next trip.

I started playing with my watercolor colored pencils to see if I wanted to include them in the kit.  They will stay!

The following is a self portrait with a Faber Castell Albrechi Durer watercolor colored pencil.  The second version has been tinkered with in Photoshop.



Summer Markets

Not only are the vegetables good at Summer Markets so are the sketching opportunities.

market-5 market-3 market-4

Please click on a sketch for a closer view.  There is a little collage in the middle sketch.  A new head was placed on the figure of the woman with the dogs and I decided to add a friend!

A week of sketches!

I am good at drawing on a daily basis.  I am not good at posting.  I am going to run through a week of sketches.  These are not all of them…just some!

Sketchbook Skool is still in session but coming to a close.  Miguel Herranz is one of the instructors.  He talked about spiral drawing.  The idea to more or less start from the center of the page or to the side and work your drawing out until you fill the page.  This is something I don’t normally do.  I do like filling up the whole page.  So it is something that I will come back to time and again.


Two more homework assignments for Miguel’s  session on Sketchbook Skool.  The first is another spiral drawing.  I started with the Trader Joes Ground Cumin.

sketch-1-3 The second drawing is about capturing a location with a selection of sketches which should tell a story.  I am not sure that I have succeeded.    These sketches represent being on our boat the Margaritaville, a Newport 28, sailing boat.  The color is from a new discovery Bic Metallic markers.  They do not bleed through like a Sharpie.

sketch-1-5More coffee shop sketching in my smaller sketchbook.  A 4 x 6 Pentalic Travelers sketchbook.  Very light paper will take pencil, ink and a light watercolor wash.  Works well with watercolor pencils.

sketch-1Sketching on the boat one evening.


Here is the digital version of the same sketch in Paper 53.


I have made some changes!

I decided to simplify my blog.  I would rather talk about the materials I use when I use them and books I read when I read them. To start the ball rolling I have started using a new sketchbook – A Fabriano Venezia 6 x 9 sketchbook.  The paper is stated as a drawing paper and is 90 lbs.  However, it takes ink, ink washes, light watercolor washes and some markers.  The paper buckles a little.  That only makes the sketchbook look interesting in my world.  The one big thing I am having a problem with is scanning my work.  It is a bound sketchbook so you are going to see a grey line from the center of the sketchbook in my scans. Photographing it was not much better.  You will see what I am talking about in some upcoming posts.  Here is a look at the sketchbook.  Love the cover!


A weekend with Paper 53!

Every so often I will go digital with my sketching.  My favorite App is Paper 53.  These sketches were drawn with a stylus.  Not the Pencil stylus developed for this application.  I have come close to upgrading to the Pencil stylus. Fun to see what you can do with a simple stylus. You are not able to blend the colors unless you have the Pencil stylus.  However, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. There is still a lot you can do. The pear almost looks like it was drawn with a brush pen!


Did not take long before I moved on to drawing people or parts of people.


Nothing is complete without drawing myself.  Both are from memory.  The second drawing is of me drawing in a sketchbook.