Summer Markets

More sketching opportunities in the summer months. One favorite location is the Saturday Market. I live in Oregon so normally sun is not a problem.  However I have soon discovered that the placement of the sun is something to consider when sketching outdoors.   You really don’t want to be sketching with the sun in your eyes.  Unfortunately it was when I first started sketching at the Saturday Market.   I was watching a band play and they had placed the band so the sun was to the back of them.       Scan-1 Scan-2  Scan-5     Scan


Netflix People!

We cut the cable a few years back so watch television via the internet.  Netflix has a lot of great shows with close ups of people in good lighting.  I end up losing track of what I am watching while I wait for the next opportunity to freeze the screen. These are some of my Netflix people!  The first two are colored ballpoint pen.

Netflix3The next two are with two different Pentel brush pens, a waterbrush filled with diluted black ink and the bright orange background is Montana marker.  I have a 9 x 12 inch Canson mixed media sketchbook next to my computer for playing in.

Netflx2The final sketch is with a Lamy Safari pen filled with a black Lamy cartridge.  Lamy ink is water-soluble so when touched with a waterbrush bleeds.  The color is from two watercolor pencils.  Netflix offers some great opportunities to play around with a variety of supplies.  It is all good practice! Try it!


Back to Starbucks!

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in Starbucks near the boat marina.  There is a real difference between the weekday and the weekend. Lots of work related people during the week with heads in their laptops.

These two gentlemen did not know each other although they were sitting next to each other.  The drawing of the creamer area was a warm up drawing for the morning.

ScanI tried to catch this man holding his head.  He hid the woman most of the time from my view.  So I had to be quick to capture her.

Scan-1I much prefer to draw women.  After warming up on these gentleman I changed my position in Starbucks and found these women hard at work.  The background color was something I did at home before leaving to go to the boat.  It is Liquitex  iridescent ink in silver and gold.  (Click on either sketch for a closer look)


Saving the Foxglove!

We have some beautiful ponds in Lyons, Oregon.  Each summer the shores of the ponds are alive with Foxgloves and each summer I sketch the Foxgloves.  This summer was no exception.  I captured them with pen sketch on my evening walk. Watercolor continues to be hit and miss with me.  Last night it was a miss.  Montana markers and collage to the rescue.  I was amazed the pen sketch showed through the marker.  The watercolor did not!  That selfie did a great job of covering up my watercolor!

The page was pretty bright so the corresponding page needed something similar to balance the spread.  I pulled out all the shots with the next page.  A selfie on graph paper with a Pentel brush pen.  Montana marker, distressed inks, stencils and collage were added.