Back to Starbucks!

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in Starbucks near the boat marina.  There is a real difference between the weekday and the weekend. Lots of work related people during the week with heads in their laptops.

These two gentlemen did not know each other although they were sitting next to each other.  The drawing of the creamer area was a warm up drawing for the morning.

ScanI tried to catch this man holding his head.  He hid the woman most of the time from my view.  So I had to be quick to capture her.

Scan-1I much prefer to draw women.  After warming up on these gentleman I changed my position in Starbucks and found these women hard at work.  The background color was something I did at home before leaving to go to the boat.  It is Liquitex  iridescent ink in silver and gold.  (Click on either sketch for a closer look)



6 thoughts on “Back to Starbucks!

  1. I really like the look of the added back ground done first! Must be fun to draw around it. Also am impressed with the g great brush work on the woman’s hair! Like all of these. Intense people!


  2. Thanks Lynn. Sometimes I wish I had not added a background as they don’t always fit in what you you are going to sketch that day. One woman was interviewing and they other woman was ordering stock.


  3. I have been drawing in coffee shops for just on a year. I have always enjoyed drawing people. I practice portraits and figures almost every day. I will sometimes freeze the TV screen late at night to practice. I am losing that fear of drawing in public. No one really notices and when some does they smile. Give it a try! Sometimes wearing a hat helps. Thank you for your comment.


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