Netflix People!

We cut the cable a few years back so watch television via the internet.  Netflix has a lot of great shows with close ups of people in good lighting.  I end up losing track of what I am watching while I wait for the next opportunity to freeze the screen. These are some of my Netflix people!  The first two are colored ballpoint pen.

Netflix3The next two are with two different Pentel brush pens, a waterbrush filled with diluted black ink and the bright orange background is Montana marker.  I have a 9 x 12 inch Canson mixed media sketchbook next to my computer for playing in.

Netflx2The final sketch is with a Lamy Safari pen filled with a black Lamy cartridge.  Lamy ink is water-soluble so when touched with a waterbrush bleeds.  The color is from two watercolor pencils.  Netflix offers some great opportunities to play around with a variety of supplies.  It is all good practice! Try it!



2 thoughts on “Netflix People!

  1. I LOVE these, Carmel! You are getting so good at capturing facial features “on the go”. I find that I have to stare too much at a person in public to sketch them accurately. I’d need more practice to do this in a manner that didn’t feel rude to people. 😉


    1. Lisa, you will find most people have their heads buried in their cell phones. No one has noticed me drawing them even with a sketchbook on the table. The young people who work in Starbucks and some other customers notice. They just grin. If someone does notice show them the drawing.


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