Something different!

I do draw more than people edging their way to the Starbucks counter!  Well sometimes!

I collected these daisies on our evening walk.   I think they are classed as weeds.  None the less they are nice in a field or on the side of the road.   Two versions and I think I like both.   The spots of colors in the first sketch were added with stencil and stamping ink.


I also found these on the evening walk, Canadian Geese.  Sometimes they will ignore you and other nights they will take off at the very sight of a human.  I am still not sure what to use when sketching them.  So I am on search for the right tool.  I have yet to try a brush pen.  They almost move as much people..maybe more.  So present a real challenge.


Back to buildings which I also found on my evening walk!   Some experimenting here.  I used a Sailor pen with bent nib loaded with Noodlers Lexington Gray ink for the first  sketch.  I had problems with the pen.  Well maybe not the pen.  The artist using the pen needs to practice more.  There is nothing wrong with the pen.  It really moves you away from sketching every little detail.  Watercolor was added.


The second sketch is another house on the evening walk.  Both of these houses are for sale.  I have discovered it is easier to sketch a house when it is vacant!  I used my Platinum Carbon pen with a worn down nib.  It is no longer extra fine but fine.  I also loaded the pen with Noodlers Lexington Gray ink.  Watercolor is scary but fun.  This one had it moments but in the end I am happy with the results.



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