It is all about Gesture!

In my last post I mentioned I was starting a new online class.  The class is with Roz Stendahl – Drawing Live Subjects in Public.

To find out more about Roz Stendahl and her classes visit her blog – Roz Wound Up.  You can spend hours in her blog.  There is so much information about drawing, mixed media, art materials, watercolor, gouache, portraits of people and animals.  I think you will find almost anything.  Plus you can sign up for notification on her classes.  Roz is an incredible teacher giving so much valuable feedback to students every step of the way.

This class has started out with gesture drawing. Something that has fascinated me although I always felt I could not do it. Roz explained it in a user friendly way.  All the participants are asked to do  30 minutes of gesture drawing a day.  Animals, people even sea shells.

So far I have done birds and people.  You really have to be quick and forget about any details. You have to watch the subject and not the paper.  We were encouraged to use different media.  My favorite is colored pencil or brush pen.

The first set of sketches is birds.  The colored pencil is hard to see. The first two sketches are correct.  The last sketch in calligraphy pen is not.  I forgot about gesture and fell into drawing the contour.


No doubt my favorite place for drawing people is Costco.  Today I opened my sketchbook and walked through the store amongst the shoppers sketching people with a brush pen.  Only one person commented “Hey, she is drawing people”  Another person apologized for standing next to me while I was drawing. It really was one of the most fun times I have had drawing people out in public. I have lots of sketches to share.  When someone moved I stopped and started a new person.  So you will see some parts of people. I started each drawing trying to catch the center line of the gesture and then to draw and feel the volume of the person not the contour.  Click on any sketch to see a close-up.  There will be more to come on the class in the coming weeks.

p11 p10 p9 p8 p7 p6 p5 p4 p3 p2 p1


6 thoughts on “It is all about Gesture!

  1. Looks like a great course – you are so prolific!! I shall try to learn so tips from you on gesture As I’m sure I straddle gesture & contour!


    1. Liz thank you. I find myself going between gesture and contour. Gesture has been explained to me so many times. Roz Stendahl has a unique teaching style and her feedback so good it finally made sense!


  2. Wow, Carmel! Not only do I love your sketches, but I admire your moxie! I can’t even imagine being brave enough to do that, but you really are so good at it – you probably can’t stop yourself, can you lol? Love these! I’ll have to check out that class. 💛


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