On to Contours!

Contours for Lesson 2 of Roz Stendall’s workshop: Drawing Practice – Drawing Live Subjects in Public. My mind is still excited about gestures!  The exercise asked that we start with a blind contour drawing and follow with a modified contour drawing.  I am really sorry about the feet.  I have spent a couple of days trying to stay cool while Oregon and my feet baked in the heat.

The first is blind, followed by modified contour.




More contours as I settled into lesson 2 of the workshop.   We have a sailboat and spend a lot of evenings on the boat.  My husband reads a Kindle in the evening and I sketch my feet and my husband – Kindleman! All of a sudden I had a fascination for his hands! All but one sketch are with a Uniball vision gel pen.  The center sketch has one completed with a Pentel brush pen.

kindlel2g kindle2

I finally made it outside in the heat to an air-conditioned Starbucks inside Target.  I forget to do the blind contours.


Click on any sketch for a closer look.

You will start to see lots of notes accompanying my sketches.  Part of the workshop is to learn how to use your sketchbook or art journal as a workbook.  So often you can spend time fussing about the layout of a page, or placing people or objects neatly in a location, instead of feeling your way through a drawing! Some pages need to be messy.  Pleasing yourself is more important then everyone else.   Feeling good as I move onto Lesson 3!  Angles, plumblines and values!  There is no color..I am missing color.  I just may go back and color some of these at a later date.  Strathmore 500 Series mixed media loves watercolor!  Although color is coming up in a future lesson!

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