My kind of people!

Today I went sketching for a little over an hour at the Saturday market.  This was part of my homework block for Roz Stendahl’s  workshop.  Just one more week of the workshop.  It really has been time consuming but so good and without a doubt one of the best workshops I have attended live or online.

These are my kind of sketches.  My kind of people. The first are gesture sketches with the Pentel Pocket brush.ScanYou can see the transition from the brush pen to fountain pen with water soluble ink on this page.

M9This page is gestures and contours with a Platinum Carbon Pen with EF nib.


I got tired of capturing the back of people so turned my eyes to people sitting at the market.  This should have made things easier however I found an endless string of people stopping and standing in front of the person I was sketching. Still this is just a part of sketching people in a busy location.

m5After a while I changed location and found more backs of people and some sides.  Click on the imagine to see a close up.


One final sketch.  One thing is missing..COLOR.  I am so missing adding color. That is next!



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