Close of Workshop – Drawing Live Subjects in Public

Roz Stendahl’s online workshop closes tomorrow.  Two new sessions were posted each week with accompanying videos and follow up memos.  I already had a daily sketching habit before I started the workshop. However it felt like I had a daily sketching habit with no purpose.  Now I have a daily sketching habit with purpose.  The insight and support from Roz Stendahl and the participants throughout the workshop was invaluable.

Now I find myself grabbing my sketchbook at anytime and anywhere.  My sketchbook is not hidden and I have learned to evaluate all of my sketches to see what I need to focus on to improve my skills.   Sketching live subjects in public is not for the faint at heart. It is different then sketching live subjects in a studio.  Although you don’t need a lot of supplies to do it.  It does require a little planning to ensure you have what you need and a back up plan should you have problems with the media you chose to work with when sketching in public.

I went sketching yesterday for approximately 90 minutes. I was in a rush to leave and left my sketching hat at home.  Wearing a hat makes a difference.  Your eyes can hide under a hat (so it seems!) and if you are in the sun it will shade your eyes. I felt somewhat naked without my sketching hat!  The first stop was the public library.  I was disappointed the first time I went there a few months back.  That may have been because I was hiding.  This time I found the public reading area.  They had a nice  sofa and chair and a  small table and chair to the side.  I elected the small table and chair.  It  gave me a great view of the people in the reading area.  I was nervous, the people were close and because it was a library and I am somewhat of a klutz.  I tried not to make a noise as I pulled out my sketchbook and supplies to put on the table.  I did have a library book on the table so it looked like I was taking notes.

I immediately rushed through with my sketches.  Then I discovered no one was moving and no one was coming in to take their place.  I had time!  Time to go back to my sketches and work on them a little more.  I did not set up my watercolor palette.  Not sure you can do that in the library.  That is an area I need to work on…painting in public.

These are two  sketches from the library.


I left the library to get a coffee at Starbucks  inside the local Safeway store and to sketch some more.  It was lunch time so  I think I completed about five pages of sketches.  This is one of my favorites.  Two different sketches on the one page.  That requires a little thought perhaps a frame around each person or maybe a colored background. Next time!

I am not using my Strathmore mixed media sketchbook.  I am using a spiral Studio Cachet sketchbook by Daler Rowner.  The paper is light.   So much so that I am only using one side of the page for scanning purposes.  However, the sketchbook has a solid cardboard cover and elastic to keep it closed when not in use.  Suited for dry media.  It has lots of pages which seem to be filling up fast.

SafewayHere is a peek at the Sketchbook!

IMG_3501This may be the longest blog posting!  Next time there will be less words! Thanks for looking.


9 thoughts on “Close of Workshop – Drawing Live Subjects in Public

  1. Really love all your people work; sketching busy places a challenge! I too sketch in coffee shops but good idea to learn to evaluate each sketch for ongoing improvements. Did you use a brush pen for these drawings?

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    1. Liz, thank you. I should have noted I used an .005 Micron pen. Something I have not used in a while. I tend to press too hard, which can destroy the tip easily. I did another post earlier in August at the Saturday Farmers Market, Some of these were with a brush pen

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