Looking for someone to draw!

I live about 10 miles from the library and the nearest coffee shop.  We mostly have ducks, geese, goats and cows in town.

Sometimes you have to look in the next room to find a person to draw.  I found myself in the bedroom!  I have yet to discover how to hold a smile while looking in the mirror!  There is also some distortion with that front leg.  At least I hope so.


I found my husband reading his Kindle and watching our favorite show Newsroom.  He does have feet.  This is what happens when you don’t do a quick check of proportions before starting a  drawing.  No hatching this time.  I used a waterbrush loaded with diluted Noodlers Lexington Gray ink and a Pentel water-soluble brush pen.

DWIGHTWEBWe are having a debate at home about my husband’s hand.  He is not deformed. One hand is tucked under.


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