Sketching at the State Fair – a Feast!

I went to the Oregon State Fair.  Not knowing what to expect I took a supply of pens and my sketchbook.  I believe I wandered around for five hours with my sketchbook in hand and a black calligraphy marker.  At one point I changed to a Lamy Safari pen with water-soluble ink.

Yes it was a feast and not the food! There was so much to see and so much to sketch. It was hard to take it all in with one visit.  Next year I would like to make a second visit.  Now I know what to expect, I am sure I could have found a corner to paint.  So I will include my paints next time.  I could have done some preparation like sketching from photos to familiarize myself with the different type of animals. Although I much prefer to draw from life. I did manage to fill 18 pages of my sketchbook. I tried to loosen up with my quick gesture sketches of birds and fowl. Most of the animal sketches were done in a minute or less.  I had longer with the people.

On my list of things to do this Fall is to visit a nearby museum which as a selection of animals on show to draw. I could also visit a hunting store.  They also have animals on display.  Thanks for looking.


The owner of this Jersey Cow came over to me as I finished sketching his cow.


Some of the people were just as interesting as the animals.   We visited one pavilion to see some of horse judging.

horsejudge2 horsejudge

By far my favorite were the pigs or swine.

pig4 pig2

The owner of this last pig was very excited to see me sketching his pig.


The  goat were very entertaining some were even dressed in spandex!  I know nothing about goats.  Goat practice would have helped!




4 thoughts on “Sketching at the State Fair – a Feast!

  1. Yeah this was a great idea. Love all the animals! I think the goats are my favorite of the drawings. Although that cow was pretty darned good too! Their faces are so soulful. For some reason, I thought these would all be people. I get a kick out of how you hide in plain sight and draw. :))

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  2. Love these Carmel! Your people proportions are superb… an each is unique. I bet I could have picked them out if I had been there with you! But my favorite is definitely that pig or swine as the ranchers say. Great work!


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