Down at the Mall!

We had planned to head out on the Columbia River for a couple of days of boating/sailing.   However, Sunday presented a cloudy day with some rain.  Fall is fast approaching in the Pacific Northwest so I went downtown to the mall to sketch.

First stop was the food court with the thought in mind to slow down.  I find that hard to do when people get up and leave all the time.  Sometimes you can pick someone who looks like they  have settled in for at least two minutes. You will see a couple of heads on these pages.  People I started and they just left.  The color was added at home.


After a while I moved further up the mall near Starbucks.  Once again I tried to slow down. I had the opportunity to spend a more time on the woman sitting down with the feet to the side.  In the second sketch there was a long line at Starbucks and the gentleman with the green shirt and stroller stood there for at least 4 minutes.

lancaster4 lancaster3

This last sketch is my favorite.  Although she is wonky and out of shape I am pleased with the capture of her elbow and foot in motion.


Thanks for looking.  Have a good week.

5 thoughts on “Down at the Mall!

  1. Wow Carmel, I wish I wrote as many blog posts as you. I too am doing the Edges course with Liz Steel -fascinating stuff and loved your sketches from that as well as the people above. Your people are great! Do you draw what you see or do you watch then draw i.e. from memory? best wishes Liz

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    1. Thank you Liz. I draw as I see the person. Sometimes if the memory Is still there I will finish a person when the move or you find heads on my pages. I have a couple of heads on these pages. It is sometime hard for me to see the difference in your sketches and Liz Steel. Your work is so good!


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