Edges! Yes, this is the name of a new four week online course with Australian artist Liz Steel.  I completed her first course, Foundations, in 2014.   The focus for the first week has been exploring the two major types of edges – changes in plane and changes in color.

We had an indoor assignment with shoes and an outside assignment.  I chose a fire hydrant for the outdoor assignment.

First off is the shoes.


The first sketch is an example of overlapping shapes.  The second sketch has shadow shapes outlined.

I painted both.  Only one turned out!  My watercolor skills are rusty.  I am not sure my painting demonstrates the changes in color.  The box and shoe are a similar color.  Although you can see the shadow. What I like most of all about the sketch is the contour was drawn with straight pen and ink.   No pencil!  Without realizing I am no longer carrying a pencil in my sketching kit!

shoe2I have two sketches of a local fire hydrant.   All the fire hydrants in our town are painted different colors and some are cartoon characters.  The second sketch has the shadow shapes outlined. I would say the first sketch is just a fire hydrant.  I have no overlapping shapes.  Well maybe not. There is a chain.


I am pleased with these sketches also  for the same reason.  Straight pen.   Like the shoes I messed up with the painting of one of the hydrants. The second fire hydrant made it through!  This is the exact color of the hydrant.  No red ones in our town!



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