A Mixed Bag!

It has been a busy week.  Most of it was spent boating on the Columbia River.    I sketched daily however it was not until late at night when the only living subject available was my husband – Kindleman.  He spends most evenings on the boat reading his Kindle and is a good sport about posing!


There was a recall on my husband’s Iphone.  So we stopped at the Apple Store at Bridgeport Village on our way home.  I put my sketchbook and pens in my bag just in case.  There were lots of people there but all in close range.  The front of the store was glass so I went outside, found a chair, and sketched people looking through the glass shop front.  I had approximately 15 minutes to sketch.   I added the color when I got home.

apple1apple2Now home I have been doing catch up on Lesson 2 of Liz Steel’s Edges workshop.  Sketching my dinner using a variety of edges.  This was fun!


And finally a late night self portrait while looking in the mirror with watersoluble colored pencil and a Pentel Pocket brush pen.



8 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag!

  1. Wow your people sketches get better and better- any tips gratefully received! Also your light and shade on the clothing is wonderful- how do you do that so convincingly when you colour afterwards?
    Thanks Carmel and best wishes Liz


    1. Liz thank you! Most of my people are indoors so the lighting is diffused. I am a great fan of Marc Taro Holmes. His first workshop on sketching people at Craftsy helped me with adding color to my people. Other tips, securing a good location, observing people at the location, follow the gesture, stay away from the details and practice. Best wishes to you also!


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