Netflix Sketching

This is usually something I do in winter or late at night.  Find a show on Netflix with great lighting and people to practice faces.

This week I discovered a British reality detective show called “The Detectives”.  So many great faces.  I will have to watch it again.  When I see a good face I will freeze the screen for 5 minutes while a do a quick sketch of the face.  These are a combination of  Pentel brush pens and a Platinum carbon pen. A probably could go darker with the shading on the faces.  I may end up doing that late one night!facesw

4 thoughts on “Netflix Sketching

  1. How very fun! I haven’t tried this with a movie I could stop & start since I get too wrapped up in it. A similar thing I have tried was to sketch the candidates’ faces during the presidential election debates in 2012. It was very challenging, but my results were fun.

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