Pulling Your Paintings Together!

This is the name of a Charles Reid book I requested from the library with a view to learning more about watercolor.  Who better than Charles Reid.  I have not got to the watercolor section because I cannot get past the first chapters on contour drawing.  Liz Steel referred to Charles Reid’s point to point method of contour drawing in her first workshop, Sketching Now Foundations.

This book features point to point contour drawing in the first section.  I will eventually get to watercolor.  I found it hard to part with the library book.  However, I was fortunate enough to purchase a used and more up today copy through Amazon for under $5.00.


The first exercise combines inside and outside shapes.


The second exercise combines the outside and inside shapes.   The hand is another example of combining the shapes.


I decided to try this out when I went to the mall yesterday to sketch.

menThis only works if someone is not going to take off in 30 seconds.  On the first gentleman I got lost with the chair.  However, I am happy with the contour of the person.  The chair was easier with the second person.    Some of the examples in book are incredible.  Charles Reid connects a person to the background and then onto the next person.  It is a interesting technique that I intend to explore in more detail.  I found a second Charles Reid used book for a similar price.  Painting What You Want to See – this book has a section on working with values.  It also looks like an excellent book!

2 thoughts on “Pulling Your Paintings Together!

  1. His books are excellent. His tutorials, many of them, are available on Artist Network TV (subscription). He influenced my pear and rosebud paintings everyone liked so much in July. He is so wonderful. And still teaching! Glad you’re enjoying him. Always inspired by your sketches!

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