Back to Mall with a stop at Costco!

At one time I would pack my gear to go out sketching.  It was the only way it would happen.  Now sketching has just become a part of my day.   Last Tuesday I stopped at Costco to pick up some coffee and almonds before heading down to the Mall for coffee and to sketch.

It was a busy day at Costco with no fast checkouts.  So I started sketching people in the row next to me.   I carry a small 4 x 6 sketchbook in my bag at all times.   This sketchbook does not take a lot of watercolor so I will sometimes add color to a page with a stencil.  I prepared these pages with my coffee stain stencil.

costco1 costco2

After leaving  Costco I headed down to Starbucks at one of malls.  I was very lucky to find a nice corner table at the back which overlooked people in Starbucks, in the food court and shoppers in the mall.

This is the same couple in two sketches.  This couple were sitting just in front of me.  I could sketch both people however I could not sketch them together even on the second try. I was going to try again but they left!

coupe2 couple1

I have a lot of random people on this page.  I really need to slow down and perhaps draw less people and more surroundings. The first woman up and left very quickly.  The second woman was a good study. The last two people on the page were some distance from me.


This gentleman sat so close to me.  I don’t believe he knew I was drawing him.  The woman in the next sketch was resting while she was waiting for a coffee. She was sitting a distance from me.  The last sketch is my favorite of the day.  The young woman had bright orange hair.  Her friend was in a black hoodie. Please click on any sketch to see a close up.


I believe if I could get the same location again it would be easy to set up my paints.  I had a wall to the back and side of me.  It was also 2 p.m. so just at the end of lunch.  I am sure as the Holidays approach these locations will get busy with shoppers. .

One would think I was finished for the day.  I took my small sketchbook on my afternoon walk and found a local cow was out and a blue heron fishing in the ponds. I used a calligraphy marker for these quick sketches which are half gesture and half contour.

Thanks for looking.  I am heading back to marina for the next couple of days.  We are still experiencing the last days of summer

cows1 heronw


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