Out and About!

We spent the last four days at the marina.  There are no sketches of boats but I found a tree!

The initial sketch was a continuous line drawing in my small sketchbook.  I came back to the location later, pulled out my sketching stool which immediately sunk into the ground and then fought off wasps as I painted a palm tree!


The following are two continuous line sketches of my husband and myself.  I really liked how these turned out.

Carmelscribble Dwightscribble2

Next I went to Starbucks just inside Target.  This is my catch them quick location! I started off with Platinum carbon pen however that was not working for me.  The pen was good but I was fussing too much with details. Although I loved the stance of this gentleman at the counter.



I decided to work with a Pentel Aquash brush pen with light black ink giving less details.


This capture is my favorite!

cartI came away from the day feeling disappointed.  There were too many backs of people and it is a fast location.  So I tend to jump from person to person without including some of the surroundings. So I need to give some thought to perhaps a different location or to slowing down as I sketch to catch more.


5 thoughts on “Out and About!

  1. I really like your continuous line sketches! It is interesting how the thicker line of the pen changes the feeling of your drawings. I also like how you add just a little color for shadows. All are FABULOUS in my opinion. 🙂


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