Yes, at the Mall again!

I went back to the Mall and found last week’s table. I arrived too early so it was not until the second hour that people started calling in for coffee and sitting down to have lunch. I had a nice conversation with one lady who sat near me. She said I had found the “Artist’s Table” . “You will always find an artist at that table”. There is a wall to the back and side of the table plus a great view!  Two hours was long enough, I hated to leave but I was really getting tired.

My first page was a warm up page of gesture. I could feel myself drawing down the leg. That would be contour. Not giving up on this. I quickly warmed up and drew the figures on the next page. I am really pleased that I have more shading or values plus surroundings. Some real progress. Next is painting on location. I know I keep saying that.  I am working on updating my palette. Most of these sketches were with a Platinum carbon pen with  EF nib.

gesture     peoplecolor

The next three sketches are of people in the food court located opposite Starbucks in the mall.

foodcourtcolor foodcourt2colorpeople2color

The next two are of people in Starbucks and the mall.

mencolor tiredcolor

This week I looked at painting these people differently.  All of the above were  painted very wet  with the colors running into each other.  Soft edges.

The following are two sketches with the people painted in layers and some shading with complimentary colors.  These  two sketches were somewhat wonky to start with. The young girl with an orange jacket is a combination of two people.    In the first sketch I lost my whites.  The girl  turned out better than I thought. The colors are good!  It was touch and go for a while.  I had to do something with the gentleman so removed some of the pigment with tissue for some color variation.  I need to keep working on this. The second sketch was a quick scribble at the mall with a sharpie marker just before I left.  I loaded my brush with pigment and did a very wet wash.  I went back later and added more pigment in the shaded areas.  Not sure if I enjoy all the fussing or would rather just do one very wet wash!  Perhaps I need to ensure I get more pigment in those wet washes.



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