My Palette!

I spent most of yesterday looking at a new set of paints.  Well new in that I have not used them. A set of Schmincke watercolors which I will be taking for a test drive later today.

However, last night I had a question on my current palette I have been using for my people sketches.  It was fun to sketch my palette.  I hope the corresponding notes on the pigments match the sketch.  I try to use single pigments.  The only one that crosses the line is the Daniel Smith Neutral Tint.  A convenience color. I was playing around with this palette yesterday and  removed DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna and replaced it with DS Quinacridone Gold.  I originally set up this palette when I was doing Liz Steel’s online class – SketchingNow Foundations last year.  I have gradually added a selection of convenience colors to the palette.  I was missing Quinacridone Gold.   I believe I have of two sets of primary colors – warm and cool.  You will see a light wash on the top of the page.  This is DS Perylene Maroon and the base color I use for most skin tones.   It looks very dark in the palette and it is!

I also included some of my sketching tools Platinum carbon fountain pen, Pentel pocket brush pen and a #12 Escoda Versatil Travel brush (synthetic not sable).  I am moving away from waterbrushes although you will see one in the photo of my sketching kit.  My security brush!


This is a photo of my palette.  Yes it is clean! I always clean it after every use. I keep a tidy ship with a place for everything so I can find it. It would probably make more sense to have the photo corresponding to the sketch!  So here are two versions so you don’t have to  stand on your head to look at the brush!


A little more information.  This is a  photo of my watercolor sketching kit that I take with me and should be using in coffee shops!  Two palette cups that slide onto a supporting 9 x 12 board, a large waterbrush, an old sock to put on my wrist, small water bottle and a Ranger Rick mini mister. Found in Michaels. I used a 50% coupon.  I think I paid $3 and got 3 in a packet.  The see through plastic container is Costco packaging (underwear)! I like to be able to find and see things quickly.  I have two containers for water which I will start to use shortly.  Very similar to the one in the photo but with a wider opening.

contentsI took two more photos to show the set up.  The first is of the board with the two palette cups.  The second is to show you how I attach the sketchbook to the board.   I really like these clips as they don’t damage the paper in the sketchbook.  I also clip just the cover of the sketchbook.  Either way works.   I did not think all this up by myself.  I follow Marc Taro Holmes blog, Citizen Sketcher,  and he has a similar setup.  Now if you look at his blog you will see a great set up for attaching his palette to the board and resting his brushes in office clips.   I use this system in my studio for my brushes.


I believe that is it.   More information then I originally set out to share.  But fun to do!

7 thoughts on “My Palette!

  1. This is great Carmel! Love to see the paint colors different artist’s use! I see you use a Carbon Pen. Could you tell me a little bit more about why you like it? And I love how your paintbrush comes apart! Great idea to use the sock on your wrist too! Fabulous ideas! :-)))

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    1. Jill thank you for your comments. Jill, the Platinum carbon pen is a Japanese fountain pen. The nib is extra fine. Much finer than a Lamy Safari extra fine nib. It a long desk pen and retails for $13.50. You can use cartridges filled with black carbon ink or purchase a converter for approximately $8.00 and a bottle of carbon ink. (I use both) This allows you to fill the pen with any color ink. When I first started sketching I got a bottle of carbon black ink. The ink is permanent and dries instantly. So no smearing but it can also damage a good fountain pen. It is a perfect match with the Platinum carbon pen. Never dries out. Here is the link to the pen at Jetpens

      Another good pen is the Platinum Preppy fountain pen
      You can also use carbon cartridges or use a converter…look at the cost!
      If you get a Preppy pen, the cartridge that comes with it is not carbon ink. But you can use carbon ink.

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      1. Wow! Thanks Carmel for taking the time to share this info with me! I will check it out! I have been using Micron pens but they don’t last very long. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to show your setup! I love to see how other artists travel with their supplies and you’ve got some great ideas. The sock on the wrist is genius! 🙂 What a nice travel paint brush. Do you ever have a problem getting the lid back on without tweaking the bristles?

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    1. Lisa, thank you. It was fun to do and very helpful to review my palette. I always dry my brushes before putting the lid on. However to get the lid on without damaging it. I will lightly moisten my fingers and bring the end to a point before putting the lid on. That seems to work. I think everyone has an old sock!


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