A Different Palette!

In my last post I mentioned I have a Schmincke palette.  Last Fall I went to Germany to visit my son.  While we were there we visited Boesner, an art supply store that looks like Dick Blicks but with some very different supplies.  It was the first time I had seen a Lamy pen display.  My main reason for visiting the store was to look at Schmincke watercolors.  I came away with a set of 18 full sized pans in a nice metal palette at an unheard of price.

It has been a busy year and for one reason or another I have not used them until now.   I try not to go by names but by pigments which proves to be confusing at times.

The following is a sketch of the palette with the colors and pigments listed.  The page got a little messy!


There are some interesting colors and a couple that have me confused.   Venetian Red and Burnt Sienna have the same pigment PR101.  Burnt Sienna has PBk9 black added to it.  Both colors look very similar.   This is the same pigment in Daniel Smith’s Transparent Red Oxide and Indian Red.  SCH Venetian Red and DS Indian Red look so different.  SCH Cerulean Blue Tone and DS Cerulean Blue are very different.  SCH  Cerulean Blue Tone is Phthalo Blue PbK 15.3 and White PW4 and is a nice blue.  You can see some of the differences here. You read that you should go by pigments and not names.  I find all this interesting.  My guess is the process is different within each individual brand.


The best way to test the palette is to use it!  I gathered some of my people from my sketchbooks so I could play around. You can click on the images for a closer look.


I am going to follow the advice of artist Roz Stendahl. Roz suggests you evaluate new materials by working with them exclusively for a couple of weeks. So that is the plan!  After one day I am not too excited about Venetian Red or Naples Yellow. The rest I really like!


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