Starbuck Studies!

Just back from a stay at the marina in Portland. The following are some quick studies while in Starbucks.


All very quick sketches with Platinum Carbon pen and carbon ink and Lamy Safari pen with watersoluble ink.   Daniel Smith watercolors.


Perspective and Color Theory!

I am retired. So lots of time on my hands. Maybe too much!  My time is split between home and our boat.  So a variety of sketching opportunities.  Yesterday I took a closer look at  two subjects I would group as necessary but perhaps not exciting. Perspective and Color Theory.

This is a sketch of me at the end of the day feeling a little worn out. That mirror next to my computer does not hide anything!


Stephanie Bowers has a great workshop on Craftsy – Perspective for Sketchers. Finally all those drawings of boxes in Perspective Without Pain make sense!  IMG_3579

I am working through Color Choices by Stephen Quiller and Exploring Color by Nita Leland for color theory. After days of research on pigments and colors on Handprint I came up with some substitutions for some of the colors for the Quiller wheel.  He is heavy on cadmiums which I wanted to avoid.  I had to buy a couple of colorsI Now I have finally set up my Stephen Quiller palette.  Some of the those colors in the palette look the same from Ultramarine Blue to Pthalo Green. So I made a cheat sheet. My palette has a see thru tray on one side. Then I decided to make a small Quiller color wheel. Still not happy. So I ordered the Quiller Travel palette. This will mean I will be able to set up the palette like the color wheel. I won’t need cheat sheets! Visual learner!


I am already missing some of my favorite earth colors like Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Gold, Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Turquoise!  I ended up putting my Schmincke palette away.  I will return to it a little later.  But for now back to what I enjoy most, sketching and putting what I have been studying into action!

Fun with Ink!

I have a small sketchbook I take on my daily walks.  I normally take a marker with me.  However after noticing these flowers I decided to take a Preppy pen filled with watersoluble ink.


The Platinum Preppy pen is an inexpensive fountain pen costing around $4.50.  Yes very affordable.  It comes with a cartridge  for which can buy refills.  You could also slip a Platinum converter into the pen.  This would allow you to use any ink.  However, the converter would cost more than the pen at approximately $8.00.

So another alternative is to remove the cartridge, wash it out (Murphy’s Oil Soap) and refill it with a  syringe.   The syringe costs 99 cents in the animal section of the local farm store. The ink is a  sample from Goulet Pens for $1.00 .  Both Goulet pens and Jetpens sell the pen.  However, I  believe only Goulet pens has the ink samples.  The sample of ink in the drawing is Noodlers Antietam ink.  It is really beautiful!  Made for Fall!

Here is what I used and the links to Goulet Pens and Jetpens.  It looks like the pen ranges in price from $3.00 to $4.45 depending on the size of the nib.  I believe I added some Transparent Orange watercolor. However, just a little.  You are looking at the color of the ink.