This blog has been up and running for a whole year and I have filled 41 sketchbooks since July 2013.  This is not my first blog. For one reason or another I found it hard to keep up with the postings in earlier attempts.

I am sorry this is one big long post. The following are a selection of sketches from this week.  On Tuesday I visited the library in a nearby town and saw a meeting taking place in the conference room. The second sketch is of a  woman  reviewing books.


It was time for coffee so I headed to Starbucks in Safeway.  Seating people remains a challenge! One gentleman is sitting on a chair that is sinking into the floor!


I was a little disappointed with my morning sketching so took a long walk when I got home.    I managed to annoy the local cows when I started doing 30 second gesture/contour sketches.


The walk ended with two sketches of objects that don’t move!


On Wednesday I was back at the Mall  I normally stop drawing when someone moves.  There have been times I have filled in with the next person but mostly I will leave pieces of people! I could not believe my luck when the first gentleman took off.  He did have legs, I just did not capture them!



After leaving the food court I found people at the bank!   These  sketches are in water soluble ink.


Thursday I decided to visit Costco!



Friday I stayed home.  I am still working with the Schmincke palette  I have to admit they are presenting a challenge.  The washes are blotchy and it appears the pigment is not dispersing and is sitting on the surface. Perhaps it is the driver! I have received some good advice on how to improve my watercolor skills.   So today I have been practicing washes and bumping up my colors.  Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Walkabout!

  1. As terrific as this post is, the most impressive part: 41 sketchbooks since July 2013?!? Ok, you’ve given me a goal to reach toward. That is freaking amazing! And I so admire your ability to capture these people, even parts of them, without being noticed! Would it be possible to take really quick pictures on your phone, not really aiming just pointing and keeping your finger near the click button? Maybe you could capture them gesturally that way so at least if they move you could finish the figure. Even without detail in the shot, I’m thinking maybe? Not sure if this would work, since I don’t do this (!!!) hehe. Ok and the flowers and fire hydrant are both wonderful!! Love the cows and your text too! I’m amazed at your figures, always. Wow, how many pages average do you fill each day?! This is astounding stuff. I thought I was doing good filling about a sketchbook a month (in my journal), but that would only have me at 26 sketchbooks – you’re at 41?!? That is really amazing, Carmel. I am in awe!! Please share your secrets! I do draw every day in my journal, and sometimes several pages, but you’d have to be doing much more than that. Wow!!


    1. Laura thank you for your comment. My secret is I don’t leave home without a sketchbook. I have been an artist in one form or another for over 40 years. Starting in Australia. . I am retired, so no family at home. My husband wanted to sail, so we took up sailing. In order to keep creating art I had to get more portable. Sketchbooks filled that notch and this part of my journey began in July 2013. A difficult choice as my background is realism. Working from life was like jumping off a cliff. My sketchbooks are full of crazy drawings. Some worked and some did not. I would say I fill 10 or more pages on some days. I used to draw from photos but find it hard to do now. You cannot peak behind the photo, it is 2D. I will sometimes use a photo if I am struggling with the perspective of a building. Not to draw from but to draw the angle of the lines to compare with my sketch. Drawing from life captures that moment in time. I can open a sketchbook and remember that moment. I have started to make more notes on my sketches to remember what I was using at that time. Become portable keep a special sketchbook and pen with you at all times. Thank you again for your comments and support.

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