A Weekend Away

My husband and I  split our time between home and our boats moored in Portland, Oregon.  One boat is being restored.

I get to experience a little of the big city although we spend most  of our time near the marina.  My favorite location is Starbucks inside Target.

Here are some captures from the weekend.  I did not use my Schmincke palette.  These were painted with Daniel Smith paints.  However, I am not back to using Schmincke this week.

I have started to use a Stillman & Birn Gamma mixed media sketchbook.  It has a 100 pages and the paper is an ivory color.  So either I flip the page or draw smaller to include legs!  I try to make notes on my sketches so I know what works and what did not.

target1My favorite is the last sketch with a calligraphy marker.  All the black contact points were placed with the Pentel pocket brush pen.

target3 target2

6 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. I bought a Pentel Brush pen recently – so this is a start! Your drawings really capture the person you sketch! I like how you keep notes on your page too. I would love to tag along and watch you work! 😊


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