One of my favorite animals!

Last month I went to the Oregon State Fair to sketch.  My favorite animals to sketch were the pigs. It may have been that they were slow moving but really they have an interesting form.   After sketching them at the fair I took a series of photos so I could take a closer look at a later time. This last pig on this page is a little distorted  This happens sometimes when working from a photograph.


There is another alternative to photographs and that is toy models.  There are some very realistic models to be found.  They are fun to work with allowing the artist to do gesture sketches or value studies when there are no live animals in sight.  I found this little pig, made by Safari toys, at Michaels. When you combine with their weekly coupon it brings the cost down.


I just realized this photo of the model looks very much like the pig in my photograph!  I have a selection of these toys, cow, polar bear and rhino, all are realistic and have interesting poses.  They were a recommendation form Roz Stendahl’s workshop – Drawing Live Subjects in Public. This is one artist, no matter what your style, any artist would benefit from following.

Here are some gesture/contour sketches I did from the model. They were completed with a calligraphy marker.



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