Fun with Ink!

I have a small sketchbook I take on my daily walks.  I normally take a marker with me.  However after noticing these flowers I decided to take a Preppy pen filled with watersoluble ink.


The Platinum Preppy pen is an inexpensive fountain pen costing around $4.50.  Yes very affordable.  It comes with a cartridge  for which can buy refills.  You could also slip a Platinum converter into the pen.  This would allow you to use any ink.  However, the converter would cost more than the pen at approximately $8.00.

So another alternative is to remove the cartridge, wash it out (Murphy’s Oil Soap) and refill it with a  syringe.   The syringe costs 99 cents in the animal section of the local farm store. The ink is a  sample from Goulet Pens for $1.00 .  Both Goulet pens and Jetpens sell the pen.  However, I  believe only Goulet pens has the ink samples.  The sample of ink in the drawing is Noodlers Antietam ink.  It is really beautiful!  Made for Fall!

Here is what I used and the links to Goulet Pens and Jetpens.  It looks like the pen ranges in price from $3.00 to $4.45 depending on the size of the nib.  I believe I added some Transparent Orange watercolor. However, just a little.  You are looking at the color of the ink.



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