Perspective and Color Theory!

I am retired. So lots of time on my hands. Maybe too much!  My time is split between home and our boat.  So a variety of sketching opportunities.  Yesterday I took a closer look at  two subjects I would group as necessary but perhaps not exciting. Perspective and Color Theory.

This is a sketch of me at the end of the day feeling a little worn out. That mirror next to my computer does not hide anything!


Stephanie Bowers has a great workshop on Craftsy – Perspective for Sketchers. Finally all those drawings of boxes in Perspective Without Pain make sense!  IMG_3579

I am working through Color Choices by Stephen Quiller and Exploring Color by Nita Leland for color theory. After days of research on pigments and colors on Handprint I came up with some substitutions for some of the colors for the Quiller wheel.  He is heavy on cadmiums which I wanted to avoid.  I had to buy a couple of colorsI Now I have finally set up my Stephen Quiller palette.  Some of the those colors in the palette look the same from Ultramarine Blue to Pthalo Green. So I made a cheat sheet. My palette has a see thru tray on one side. Then I decided to make a small Quiller color wheel. Still not happy. So I ordered the Quiller Travel palette. This will mean I will be able to set up the palette like the color wheel. I won’t need cheat sheets! Visual learner!


I am already missing some of my favorite earth colors like Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Gold, Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Turquoise!  I ended up putting my Schmincke palette away.  I will return to it a little later.  But for now back to what I enjoy most, sketching and putting what I have been studying into action!


3 thoughts on “Perspective and Color Theory!

    1. The cadmiums are opaque and I prefer transparent. Although I happen to have a red cadmium. It is good to have a mix. His palette calls for a number of cadmiums. I wanted to substitute with colors I had in my stash and save $$. The task was to ensure I had the correct substitutions.


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