Not a coffee shop!

No coffee shops this week.   I did spend sometime in the waiting room of a medical center.   Lots of waiting along with these people.  We ended the day at Costco!



Yes, lots of backs of heads!



Drawing the truth!

In my last post I said I was sad with the passing of our family pet. I was, however I received a comment from a follower saying they see a sadness in all my self portraits and I was just drawing the truth.

I hope my self portraits do not come across as sad.  I do a lot of self portraits. I have four sketchbooks devoted to self portraits.  At first it was a challenge now it means I have come to the end of the day and I need to draw someone!  I enjoy drawing from life and not photos.  Guess who is always available.  That look you see in my self portraits is one of concentration – focus.   I cannot see detail when I look in the mirror as my eyesight does not allow it.  I have tried on a number of occasions to draw myself smiling, then I will start to focus on the smile and my look gets serious again.  So please be assured I am not sad in my self portraits.  I have been an artist for over 30 years.  I get excited when I see something come to life on a page.   The truth is I just wish I could see more clearly.  Most recovering perfectionists still like the detail!  I have that same glazed look in my eyes in these self portraits.


Here are some fun sketches of people at the mall and in a coffee shop.  I hope they bring a smile to your face!



This week!

It seems like I have disappeared. Yesterday’s posting had been sitting on my computer for a just on a week. I have been sketching. However,  I have not been able to get out as I have been nursing a very sick cat. Grey Kitty remained on my lap most of the week.

While I nursed her I updated my travel palette, practiced my watercolor painting skills and tested my color theory. I also signed up for a month on Artist Network TV so I could watch Charles Reid videos. There are endless Stephen Quiller videos. However, I found watching Charles Reid a little more interesting.

I have two sketches to share. I am excited about the coffee cup. This is the third version. Each version got a little better. Look no pen! So maybe it is a painting! I did this after watching Charles Reid. The second sketch is of me yesterday. I started the day in my royal blue bath robe and ended the day in it. I look angry in the last sketch. I was really sad as we had to say goodbye to Grey Kitty.

I will be getting out this coming week.  Thanks for looking.cupIMG_3607blog

Winter Sketching!

I am not sure why I think my options are limited in Winter.  I do a lot of my sketching in coffee shops.  However, in Oregon we get lots of rain so at times I find myself missing out on my daily walk through the ponds.

So what to draw or paint that is alive and kicking during winter! I have been meaning to make a list of places to go during the cooler months so I can keep my momentum to draw from life.


You may start seeing more of my hand and the many faces of Carmel!


carmelmonI am excited about the second portrait. It is painted.  By working monochromatically I was able to concentrate more on the process of painting than mixing colors.  The color is Ultramarine Violet from the Stephen Quiller palette.

Or you could see more sketches of my husband.


Costco…just briefly!

We went to Costco on Friday, just briefly.  It is starting to get really busy.  Pumpkin pies are flying into carts.  I wonder if they have increased the cost.  We were there at lunch time.  So my husband slipped over to grab a slice of pizza while I waited in line.   I thought it would be fun to list what I got and the cost.costcomen