This week!

It seems like I have disappeared. Yesterday’s posting had been sitting on my computer for a just on a week. I have been sketching. However,  I have not been able to get out as I have been nursing a very sick cat. Grey Kitty remained on my lap most of the week.

While I nursed her I updated my travel palette, practiced my watercolor painting skills and tested my color theory. I also signed up for a month on Artist Network TV so I could watch Charles Reid videos. There are endless Stephen Quiller videos. However, I found watching Charles Reid a little more interesting.

I have two sketches to share. I am excited about the coffee cup. This is the third version. Each version got a little better. Look no pen! So maybe it is a painting! I did this after watching Charles Reid. The second sketch is of me yesterday. I started the day in my royal blue bath robe and ended the day in it. I look angry in the last sketch. I was really sad as we had to say goodbye to Grey Kitty.

I will be getting out this coming week.  Thanks for looking.cupIMG_3607blog


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