Drawing the truth!

In my last post I said I was sad with the passing of our family pet. I was, however I received a comment from a follower saying they see a sadness in all my self portraits and I was just drawing the truth.

I hope my self portraits do not come across as sad.  I do a lot of self portraits. I have four sketchbooks devoted to self portraits.  At first it was a challenge now it means I have come to the end of the day and I need to draw someone!  I enjoy drawing from life and not photos.  Guess who is always available.  That look you see in my self portraits is one of concentration – focus.   I cannot see detail when I look in the mirror as my eyesight does not allow it.  I have tried on a number of occasions to draw myself smiling, then I will start to focus on the smile and my look gets serious again.  So please be assured I am not sad in my self portraits.  I have been an artist for over 30 years.  I get excited when I see something come to life on a page.   The truth is I just wish I could see more clearly.  Most recovering perfectionists still like the detail!  I have that same glazed look in my eyes in these self portraits.


Here are some fun sketches of people at the mall and in a coffee shop.  I hope they bring a smile to your face!




8 thoughts on “Drawing the truth!

  1. My dad used to tell me to smile. I wasn’t smiling when he told me, just deep in thought. I think drawing requires a lot of thought. I see you focusing or concentrating on what you are drawing. 😊 Your sketches are so amazing! ❤️🎨💜

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      1. at least now I know I’m not the only one out there with that ‘affliction’ the dr. so kindly put it, LOL I’m not sad or mad either – just concentrating! rolling my eyes….


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