Closing off the year!

This year the Holidays have been a busy time with my son home from Germany.  Not a lot of on site sketching although I managed a trip to Costco yesterday.

I have no end of year rituals or resolutions.  I do have some goals which I will put in an end of year evaluation.  This will give me a path for the coming year.  Although it is more than likely I will stray off the path!

I ate too much over Christmas so will be having more boiled eggs for breakfast!


It has been so wet in Oregon.  Not good for sketching animals.  Thankfully I have a supply of toy animals for practice.

Yesterday we went to Costco for supplies!

I am glad to make a final post for this year.  Hopefully I will maintain posting once a week in the coming year.  I may also make some changes to my blog.  Thank you for your support during  2015!

Happy Sketching in 2016!


Airport sketching!

I thought it would be an easy location in the welcoming lounge of PDX.  Not so!  People came and went quickly or pushed the other person out of way or stood in front of them!  So some interesting sketching.  I ended up adding people to the page.  It was a great place to draw crowds.pdx4


Busy times..

The last couple of weeks have been busy with sketching, Craftsy workshops and visiting the marina in Portland.

There a number  workshops at Craftsy that I am enjoying. “Perspective for Sketchers” with Stephanie Bower and “Sketching the Energy of Places” with James Richards.  I  have his book “Freehand Drawing & Discovery” in my library.  So the workshop is icing on the cake to a great book.

I am trying to expand my sketching opportunities although I still find myself looking at the backs of people  in Starbucks, Costco and mall in Portland and Salem.

While I do not update my blog on a regular basis you can follow me on Instagram or Flickr.  I am new to Instagram.  Still trying to work out out how to streamline posting…so I just do it once!


Not a lot has changed at Starbucks in Target.



And things are still the same at Lancaster Mall in Salem!



Thanks for looking!