Busy times..

The last couple of weeks have been busy with sketching, Craftsy workshops and visiting the marina in Portland.

There a number  workshops at Craftsy that I am enjoying. “Perspective for Sketchers” with Stephanie Bower and “Sketching the Energy of Places” with James Richards.  I  have his book “Freehand Drawing & Discovery” in my library.  So the workshop is icing on the cake to a great book.

I am trying to expand my sketching opportunities although I still find myself looking at the backs of people  in Starbucks, Costco and mall in Portland and Salem.

While I do not update my blog on a regular basis you can follow me on Instagram or Flickr.  I am new to Instagram.  Still trying to work out out how to streamline posting…so I just do it once!


Not a lot has changed at Starbucks in Target.



And things are still the same at Lancaster Mall in Salem!



Thanks for looking!


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