Closing off the year!

This year the Holidays have been a busy time with my son home from Germany.  Not a lot of on site sketching although I managed a trip to Costco yesterday.

I have no end of year rituals or resolutions.  I do have some goals which I will put in an end of year evaluation.  This will give me a path for the coming year.  Although it is more than likely I will stray off the path!

I ate too much over Christmas so will be having more boiled eggs for breakfast!


It has been so wet in Oregon.  Not good for sketching animals.  Thankfully I have a supply of toy animals for practice.

Yesterday we went to Costco for supplies!

I am glad to make a final post for this year.  Hopefully I will maintain posting once a week in the coming year.  I may also make some changes to my blog.  Thank you for your support during  2015!

Happy Sketching in 2016!


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