From the Mall!

I don’t add color on site.  This is something I would like to do.  I can see it happening in some locations but not all. Sometimes people have moved half through a sketch and I use visual memory to complete the sketch.

There is a Starbucks at the entry of the mall.  When I arrived there was just one seat right in the middle of everyone.  These people in the first two sketches were so close to me.  I pull up my sketching bag on my lap to cover my sketchbook.  The woman sitting next to me did not lift her eyes from her Kindle.  She was so close I could see what she was reading!

I  moved away from Starbucks to the tables in the center of the mall where I had a view of this woman.


You can see from my notes I did everything wrong with the shirt.  So I washed it down and called it done!

One of my favorite locations is the Wells Fargo kiosk.  People usually do interesting things with the legs as they wait in line.  This was not one of those days. Quick sketches with a calligraphy marker.

Sketchbook: Stillman & Birn, Alpha 5.5 x 8.5
Daniel Smith Watercolors: Deep Sap Green (washed out) Transparent Orange, Transparent Red Oxide, Ultramarine Blue and
Quinacridone Purple.


8 thoughts on “From the Mall!

      1. Our Starbucks isn’t far from produce in our Safeway lol. I could totally see you stashing your sketchbook in your cart and sketching people as they squeeze the fruits! You must be able to get a gesture in no time at all to pull these off. Even people waiting in lines don’t stand still that long. 💛

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  1. It amazes me that you can sketch someone so close to you and they aren’t aware. I like how you add color to your sketches – you add just the right amount! Bravo! 🎨👍😃 Can’t wait to see the people in the produce dept that Laura suggested. 😜🍊🍐🍎


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